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Best New Real Clean Coal Technology Solution to help Coal Companies Survive (and even Thrive)

With much of the coal industry on life-support in Bankruptcy Court, Real Clean Coal Technology offers the best solution for coal company management to survive current EPA regulatory pressures (and investor fears about the future of the Coal business in America) is to up-end their business models and change their operating paradigms to take advantage of market conditions with new technology.

Instead of retrenchment and down-sizing, savvy Coal Companies should instead be expanding their business to not just sell mined Coal, but also process their own mined coal into higher-value by-products offering new value-added revenue streams and profits.

Coal companies should vertically-integrate their product-offerings to include new Coal-Gasification and Electricity Generation – becoming their own best customers for coal, and then selling higher-value Syngas-generated Electricity and purified chemical by-products that can produce more revenues per ton of coal, than they previously earned by just mining and selling it.

Real Clean Coal gasification technology enables this new Business Model for Coal companies:


In comparison to its inferior-performing and expensive competitors, the Real Clean Coal gasification system does not consume any water (in fact, it extracts water from the moisture in coal); it does not produce any CO2 emissions nor any other type of emissions; but it does recover 100% of the Mercury, Sulfur and other constituent elements contained in the input coal.

The Real Clean Coal gasification technology complies with the strictest new EPA rules that are otherwise forcing conventional coal-fired power plants to either shut-down or buy expensive anti-pollution equipment that they cannot afford in order to comply with the new EPA rules.