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To demonstrate how confident we are that our zero emission real clean coal gasification technology can transform and revitalize the value of your coal mined products – we make the following offer:

For every Coal Company or Representative that contacts us and delivers a 1-Ton Poly Bag sample of your best-selling coal (in pulverized form) or waste Coal Fines to our gasification facility – we will gasify your samples and provide you with return samples of the resulting by-products of Syngas, Activated Carbon Black, Distilled Water, et al for you to test and verify the Btu-values and zero-emissions results of our real clean coal process on your coal assets.

These Test Results will confirm how your Coal Company can make more money selling the by-products of our Real Clean Coal Gasification process than selling the raw coal itself.

Contact us to discuss how our real clean coal technology can help revitalize your private or public coal company’s profitability.

And even if your coal company is currently in bankruptcy, or short of investment capital – please contact us to discuss how we might totally, or partially, subsidize or leaseback-finance the installation and operation of our real clean coal gasification equipment in your producing or idle American coal mines.


Best regards,
Larry Shultz
Managing Partner